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Combining Outstanding Skills and Sector Expertise - Converging Knowledge

The EU Law Network brings together independent senior lawyers and advisors who combine different skills and longstanding sector expertise to the benefit of clients.  The members of our network stand out by their understanding that virtually every area of business is affected by EU law and policy. Our extensive experience covers sectors, such as energy, telecommunications, financial services, retail and transport, while, for example, environmental and competition rules apply across the sectors. Our experts work hand in hand on projects where industry sectors converge.

We advocate clients' interests before EU law making bodies by converging our legal expertise, industry insights and political advocacy skills and we advise on strategic and commercial impacts of emerging and current EU law and policies.  We have a substantial track record of litigating the most difficult and complex cases before the EU Courts and the EFTA Court and have achieved landmark rulings.

Our members serve clients in their home jurisdictions within their specific areas of expertise.  In addition, we provide the legal and contractual structure for emerging business models of our clients, while safely navigating them around regulatory stumbling blocks. 


Delivering Results 

Our clients are industry players, public bodies and national law firms.  

When we take on a case we put all our dedication and resources into it.  Our rates are competitive, and clients will receive personalised, individual and high quality input from our members. 

We deliver results.